TCM Granules

Traditional Chinese Medicine granules, also known as TCM granules, is a collection of functional granules derived from traditional Chinese crude herbs and produced by modern pharmaceutical technology. TCM granules also have many other names such as decocting-free Chinese crude drug, new decoction pieces, refined decoction pieces, beverage-type pieces, scientific Chinese medicine, and so forth. Its taste and application are consistent with the original Chinese crude drug, and therefore used for clinical formula of Chinese medicine. TCM granules have the advantages of mess-free preparation, lower intake volume, more consistency in quality, and convenient storage. Methods of administration include oral, external washing, fuming. Taking TCM granules does not only meet the needs of different departments such as clinical gynecology, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, but also meet the needs of different age groups ranging from the young to the elderly. There are currently 680+ varieties of drug registration from Food and Drug Administration of Zhejiang Province, which meets the basic needs of clinical use.

01 TCM Granules in Petite Bags

This particular type of packaging of TCM granules is for Chinese medicine formulas that are not blended by a smart granule blender. The specification of the small bag is based on the clinical drug habits, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and the Zhejiang Provincial Drug Processing Regulations, which are scientific and reasonable and meet the needs of clinical dialectical treatment. The equivalent of the petite bag is strictly converted according to the amount of the TCM granules obtained after the pieces are extracted. Different TCM granules have different specifications and capacities according to their own characteristics.

02TCM Granules in Smart Bags

TCM Granules in smart bags, formulated by a smart blending machine with precise dosage, are convenient to both the dispensing pharmacy and the consumer. For the pharmacy, this machine reduces the risk of human error. For the consumer, it provides convenient packaging since each dosage is bagged separately, making it easier for transportation and storage. In the recent years, smart blending technology has greatly accelerated the speed and accuracy of Chinese medicine dispensing.

Intelligent Chinese Pharmacy

The intelligent TCM granules pharmacy consists of a mixing host and a medicine storage cabinet. After the physician diagnoses the patient, the electronic prescription issued by the physician will be sent electronically to the dispensing terminal, which is controlled by professional technicians so that the patient can receive the TCM granules in the shortest time. TCM granules will be automatically dispensed into several small bags, one dose per bag.

The modern intelligent TCM granules pharmacy adopts an intelligent deployment system, which is well connected with the hospital information system. It can retrieve the prescription of TCM granules issued by doctors in real time, and automatically formulate the TCM granules to achieve accurate weighing, customized formulation, and standardized packaging.

    Compared with traditional Chinese medicine processing methods such as traditional Chinese crude drug, Intelligent Chinese pharmacy has the following advantages:

  • 01 Automatic packaging and sealing results in fewer manual steps, no cross-contamination, and fast and more accurate weighing.
  • 02 For doctors, the intelligent Chinese pharmacy can add or subtract the dose according to the doctor's diagnosis, resulting in a more reasonable and accurate prescription where the dose is under control during the whole process.
  • 03 For patients, they have less risk of taking the wrong drug varieties and their entire medication process becomes more convenient.

Chinese Medicine Formula Granules Catalogue

Huisong Pharmaceuticals, one of the first companies in Zhejiang Province to obtain the GMP certification and the clinical research trial record and approval for manufacturing and distribution of TCM granules to hospitals, has up to 680+ kinds of singularly extracted TCM granules.