Place of Origin: Jilin, Heilongjiang Botanical Name: Panax ginseng C. A. Mey

In 2013, FarFavour Enterprises Ltd. established a subsidiary in Fusong County of Jilin Province. The aim was to establish one of the largest ginseng cultivation bases in China and supplies ginseng products with reliable quality and stable quantity.

The company also has 315 hectares of ginseng cultivation base in Teli City, Heilongjiang Province. All the participating sites are undeveloped and non-polluted virgin forest land, and the soil, climate and environment of Teli City are strictly tested. The company organizes technicians in agronomy, Chinese pharmacy, and other areas. They strictly control the whole process of ginseng selection, cultivation and harvesting according to GAP regulations, control the pesticides varieties and dosages, reduce heavy metal pollution, and ensure the safety and traceability of ginseng raw materials.

Huisong's ginseng products are managed in strict accordance with GAP requirements in ginseng cultivation, the entire planting, production, and processing process is fully documented.

    01 Cultivation

  • Selection of ginseng cultivation base and monitoring records of environment, soil, water, etc.

  • Records for seeding

  • Records for seedling transplanting

  • Growth record (supervise and record pesticide use)

  • Harvest record of fresh ginseng

02 Drying

    03 Raw Material Drying and Batch Number Ginseng Root Drying:

  • Incoming raw material incoming records

  • Sampling raw material records

  • Raw material testing records (identification, content, pesticide residue, heavy metal, moisture, etc.)

  • Raw material audit and release records

    04 Production and Batch Number

  • Environmental monitoring records

  • Water monitoring records

  • Equipment cleaning records

  • Batch production records

    05 Finished Products and Batch Number

  • Finished products sampling records

  • Finished products testing records (identification, content, pesticide residue, heavy metal, microbes, aflatoxin, etc.)

  • Finished products reviewed and release records

06Qualified Finished Product and Batch Number